Violence In Los Angeles Made Me Ask Myself If I Should Stay

When one travels to the United States, one visualizes the motto “land of the free” and what it means to the people who reside there. The international community does this often, especially in regard to the U.S. more so than any other country. It might surprise some of my readers to know that we’ve long suspected the tensions in the U.S. could culminate in a race war. These events that you thought you would never live to see in your own country? They were predicted long ago — by almost everyone else.

And it’s these events that keep me questioning whether or not I should extend my visa and continue to live and work here. Los Angeles is a fun city. The people here are forward thinking. That even in such a liberal bastion the police force could be inspired to become violent with protesters — the majority of whom have been entirely peaceful — is awe-inspiring in the most horrific way imaginable. 

What were they thinking?

Brutality — or “domination” as the American president calls it — is only certain to escalate tensions further and further. The superiors of the four police officers (you know who) know this for a fact. Otherwise they would not have arrested and charged four of their own.

Truth be told, it isn’t just this escalation in racial tensions that has me thinking of leaving this country that has been my home for years now. It’s the near-certainty that the next 12 months will prove even more chaotic. Can you imagine what Trump will do if he loses the election? I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine a concession speech or a peaceful transition of power, both standards in American government. Can you imagine what will happen if he wins? His blindly loyal followers will once again jump on their high horses to assert their “rightness.”

I’m not sure I want to be around to see either of these two paths play out.