Top 3 French Baseball Players To Play In The US

Over the years, France has produced outstanding baseball players, with many making their mark in history as some of the best to ever play the game. Although they are not great in number, the few of them has never failed to capture the hearts of their countrymen. Here are the top 3 French baseball players in the US.

Lou Boudreau

This French baseball star had one of the most decorated careers. He entered the major league in September of 1938. He played as a first baseman on his rookie year, but the manager told him to move to shortstop the following year. This proved an excellent decision, as Boudreau started to thrive. He was awarded the American League MVP in 1948. He played in the MLB for 15 seasons. In 10 seasons, he served as a player-manager.

Leo Durocher

Once again, here’s a player who accrued so many wins in his illustrious career. Nicknamed Lippy, Durocher played as an infielder in Major League Baseball. Aside from his stint as a player, he also went on to become a manager and coach. He had 2,009 career wins as a manager, which puts him at the fifth spot in the all-time list. He was rightfully elected to the hall of fame in 1994.

Bruce Bochy

Bochy played as a catcher in Major League Baseball. He played for the Astros, Mets, and Padres over his playing career. After his playing days, instead of retiring and consulting Horizon Elder Law, Bochy decided to become a manager, a position he continues to serve to this day. Bruce is the current manager of the San Francisco Giants. As a manager, he has now over 1,500 wins under his name. To top it off, he has reached the World Series four times in his career as a manager.

Here is video of another French baseball player: