Some of the Show-Stopping Cheeses You Will Taste in France

France is the land of excellent food and their development of fine cheese has a special place in the heart of foodies everywhere. Just ask Visaserve – people can’t stop traveling there for the delicious cheese. French cheese is rich in flavor, of course, but also laden with a culturally rich heritage and fascinating history in every bite.

There are over a thousand specific varieties, but you needn’t sample them all to get a taste of French Cheese history, following are some of the most notable cheeses you will find in France.

Langres — this is cheese aged for 6 weeks to a perfection like no other. The cheese is dense but also creamy and oozy; the perfect option for enjoying a crusty baguette. Langres is the cheese that makes French cheeses renown the world over and a great introduction to the dairy showcase of the culinary capital of the world. This is best served alone with a nice crust of dark bread. A Rhone red wine and dried fruits make an excellent accompaniment.

Fromage de Meaux — on this side of the Atlantic we call this Brie, but this is the real Brie from Brie, Ile-de-France. Our laws on pasteurized dairy products deprives us of the rich complexities that can be derived from real milk, but one taste of this and you will see why some laws need to be changed. This is a beefy, buttery cheese with hints of garlic and mushrooms– perfect when eaten on its own, better with a champagne or bold Burgundy.

Comte — aged for over a year and a half, Comte is one of the greatest achievements of fermentation known to man. This cheese has been made from the unpasteurized milk of Consecrated Montbéliarde cows that graze solely on the green pastures high in the Jura Mountains (near the gates of heaven?). The taste is big and grand but smooth and clear as the toll of a bell. Comte is also slightly sweet and nutty, the best thing for melting in any number of ways from a classic fondue, to the best grilled cheese sandwich you will taste this side of paradise.

If you were wondering what French people thought of American cheeses, look no further!