I Want You To Take Part In A Climate Change Protest If You Can

It’s both exciting and scary to be living on this world at this point in time! We have hundreds of obstacles ahead of us, but we also know how to avoid or overcome those obstacles if we spend our resources wisely. Since being in Los Angeles I’ve learned how to spend my own resources as wisely as I can. I’ve also learned a great deal about man-made climate change — not necessarily because I live here now, but because protests have increased in number all over the globe.

In particular, the Extinction Rebellion has conducted a number of non-violent acts of civil disobedience this year. They will continue to do so as long as politicians continue to turn a blind eye to man’s contributions to catastrophic climate change. Many British and French activists are preparing for a new round of protests.

In Los Angeles, activists shut down Sunset Boulevard in September. Similar acts of disobedience occurred all over the world. 

In Britain, the authorities are trying to gain greater power in trying to “quell” the rebellion. They have said they will arrest anyone and everyone who participates in these acts of civil disobedience, no matter the cost. The Home Office is reviewing new laws that would effectively ban those who break the law repeatedly from continuing to protest.

A man named Mr. Ephgrave said, “If we have people who are habitually protesting unlawfully, it would be helpful to have the ability of preventing them. The legislation around public order was drafted in a different era and it’s not particularly helpful because it wasn’t designed for what we’re dealing with now.”

Even though members of Parliament responded to one round of protests by finally defining climate change as a crisis that requires urgent and groundbreaking change, others are trying to shut down activists’ ability to foment that change.

That’s why I want you to get out on the streets during the next round of protests on October 7, 2019. Starting at 10 am, protesters will be taking to the streets for another round of non-violent civil disobedience across the globe. Find out where the fight is happening closest to you and get out there to make your voices heard!

If you’re one of those people who “just don’t know” about climate change, then please take some time to do some actual research instead of watching the news (which can be flooded with misinformation at times). Regardless of whether or not you’ve heard otherwise, this is a fight that we need to win immediately — we’re running out of time to save our planet.