How To Live And Think Like The French

Even though I’ve been living in the states for years, my identity as a French person hasn’t vanished altogether. I try not to take the life I’m leading for granted, and I don’t think anyone else should take their own life for granted either. On that basis alone, I still “live French” in more ways than one. Curious how you might change your life to live more like a French person? Here are a few things you can do.

Anyone who has lived in Paris will be familiar with the habits people develop there. Many smoke (I do not), many drink coffee (I do), and many will “people watch” from their balconies in the morning while doing both. Admittedly, I still do a lot of people watching. You’re fascinating.

The French are discreet in many ways of life. We don’t flaunt our wealth or material possessions. We don’t share as much as you do via social media. I’ve kept the lessons from home because I think they’re important. I don’t want someone prying into my life as much as they possibly can — which is why I don’t have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account. 

French people have a deep appreciation for the arts. That’s not to say Americans don’t like a movie now and then, but in France you’re much more likely to hear us talking about an actual piece of art or an opera we liked.

We talk about everything in France. Here in the United States, there are lots of conversations that seem small-natured to me. You talk about money all the time. How much you make or what you do with it — who cares? It doesn’t help you live healthier or more content. 

You won’t necessarily find a French girl in the gym in the midst of a vigorous workout. We prefer to waste no time — and that means exercising while we move from place to place by using bike paths or walking. I definitely do this in LA, and I would suggest everyone else do the same. I don’t even have a car!