To Enroll In Law School Or Not To Enroll

I was pleased after meeting those two Texan lawyers last year, and we’ve stayed in touch. They’ve made me feel more like a close friend than a client (even though I am the latter), and they’ve actually inspired me to consider bigger life changes. Los Angeles is my new home — there’s no denying that — but I’m ready to step through a new door. I’m considering law school to potentially become a personal injury lawyer.

Through my LinkedIn networking, I virtually “met up” with a personal injury attorney from Hale and Monico (a Chicago firm), and she’s been explaining every little detail I might miss. Primarily, I asked her what she wished she’d have known about the path she took before it was too late to go back. She provided a great deal of insight.

She assured me that law school was hard, but not impossible. Lawyers are expected to act as sponges to soak up as much information as possible while they study, but retention is another matter — or so she says. Even accomplished lawyers need to open up dusty old tomes in pursuit of that one piece of archaic legislation that might help them win a big case. 

She also told me she wishes she’d got on board with the big firm sooner. You give up a lot of freedom, but the benefits outweigh the losses. She asked me whether or not I could afford school, and I told her the truth — not without help. She told me there are many avenues for those who don’t make enough to afford school on their own, and there are some great schools that matriculate students who didn’t believe they had the money. 

But I’m still having doubts.

Even so, I’ve looked at a number of schools in the LA area (the University of California Los Angeles School of Law is at the top of my list). And I’ve started saving every penny. I’ll need to since tuition stands at over $50,000 per year! 

My friend at H&M asked why law school might be for me — and I answered that I like to help people. She smiled politely, but told me the law was more about society as a whole and not any one person. You’re expected to do your best for each and every client, but you also want to make a lasting impact to hand something down to the next generation of lawyers. You make it easier in a world dying to make it nearly impossible. That might mean suing a giant corporation for millions. She asked if I had it in me to withstand that kind of pressure.

Of course, it was my turn to smile back.

My entire life has been about pressure! I’ve tackled one challenge after another, and I don’t mean to back down now. My life is about the journey. It’s about that coffin full of experiences when I’m gone and buried. I want as many as I can grasp!