Staying Safe Outside During COVID

If you’ve been following my (mis)adventures through LA, you know I’ve spent much of my time cooped up indoors because of COVID. Mostly I’ve been networking with new lawyer friends or going on a few new short road trips with the girls, but otherwise I’m either at work or sitting on the couch at home. I’m looking for new things to do — safely — so I decided to give you a list of the best I’ve found so far. Some of these I’ve done before but hey — maybe you haven’t.

On the topic of road trips, I have two favorites: Palos Verdes Drive and Highway One. Both of these offer great views of the Pacific Ocean, but Palos Verdes is also amazing if you like to look at rich architecture. Oh, and we’ve gone all the way to Vegas once or twice just to see what’s going on at the Strip. But we never get out of the car.

There are plenty of outdoor spaces in Los Angeles where you won’t always find a crowd. Depending on when you go, Huntington Library fits the bill. 

A few months ago, a friend and I decided to bike the Strand — but we never did. It’s 22 miles long, and most notably goes through Santa Monica as it wends from Will Rogers State Beach to Torrance County Beach. Speaking of Will Rogers, there’s awesome hiking if you hop over to the park. Try researching Temescal Canyon. It’s my favorite LA hike, but we haven’t found ourselves there in some time.

Ever been to Mission Tiki? It’s worth thinking about seeing a drive-in movie, especially since it’s one of the safest activities that still involve getting out of the house. A lot of theaters are offering an older selection of movies because Hollywood shut down for so long. My friends and I have seen dozens of movies over the last year.