Pondering More Big Life Questions!

Mes amis, brace yourselves: I’m contemplating a grand departure from Los Angeles. Why, you ask? Well, I’m still discussing options with new lawyer friends. My network is growing so quickly! And most of them have acknowledged that I might have a gift for articulating powerful arguments — a sentiment for which I’m very thankful. But it’s not enough to want to be a lawyer. I need to know what kind of lawyer!

I was put in touch with a new friend based in Florida — she works for the https://www.orlandofamilyteam.com/ — and she offered that if personal injury wasn’t for me, then family law might be. One of the most painful parts of being away from home (even though I largely consider LA home, Paris still holds my heart together) is not being there for my own family when they need all the support they can get. Why not help other families when I’m not near enough to help my own?

I’ve begun exchanging paper, handwritten letters with my sisters and mother. They’ve offered a lot of good advice. They’re jealous I’m still living out my dreams — and not so jealous that my dreams seem to shift with the passing winds.

Interestingly, Mom said that’s why I might enjoy family law (once I described what I might be doing on a typical day). Family lawyers jump all over the place and wind up in any number of different courtroom settings depending on the particular client. They deal with divorces, adoptions, property disputes, criminal disputes, and even help families navigate some of the procedures that most estate planning lawyers take care of. 

Another reason I found beyond the diversity of the work was the ease of finding work. Most divorce attorneys say they chose the niche because there was so much work available — and when there wasn’t, it was easy to wade just a little deeper into a different practice area temporarily. Half of all Americans end up divorced. It’s probably harder to find an attorney with the time to help you than it is being an attorney looking for new clients.

Family lawyers who don’t want to dive deeply into other practice areas can build their own practice by outreach to other lawyers. Networking is an important part of the job — and apparently I’m already pretty good at it since all my information is coming directly from other lawyers (and they seem to like me well enough). 

I know that family law might be an emotional roller coaster ride, but I’m accustomed to navigating my own emotions and the emotions of others. I’ve worked in fast-paced industries before, so it would be nice to have a minute to breathe. 

And the lawyers I met say the work leaves them satisfied each day. You’re helping people, and most lawyers practice collaborative family law these days, which means they seek amicable solutions to the problems everyone has — especially in times of divorce. And hey…the money is good, too.