LA Activities You Won’t Find On A Tourist-Inspired List

Per usual, mes amis et moi were looking for new activities. We’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point, but I found one of those lists that tell you what to do when your boredom peaks. We were pleasantly surprised — but then again we knew enough to put our own spin on things. We visited a number of distinct locations in and around Los Angeles…taking a shot from those tiny “nip” liquor bottles they serve on airplanes at each one. Here were our favorites.

The Lost Sunken City in San Pedro is a great place to visit if you like strange stories. Technically the coastline is off limits, but everyone hops the fence to view the graffiti and explore anyway. Where else will you find a sunken city in the United States? We downed a shot of Fireball whiskey before entering.

Afterward we drove all the way to the Time Travel Mart — we took a shot of Baileys before entering — where you can peruse shelves lined with the strangest sale items you’ll find anywhere in the city. We’re talking dinosaur eggs, canned “Mammoth Chunks,” and all manner of other things. The profits are funneled into 826LA, a non-profit built for students to help expand creativity in youth.

After that…we went to Jumbo’s Clown Room in the early evening, because girls like to see what guys are up to every once in a while. To say that it was a strange experience is an understatement. The sample video on their website allows visitors to enjoy a stripper in a huge marshmallow costume. Of course, she was scantily clad underneath.

We ended the night at the Electric Dusk Drive-In — which we’ve admittedly done before (because pandemic) just like everyone else in LA at some point during the last year. It’s also near Dodgers Stadium if you’re looking for directions.