History of United States and French Relationship

Mes amies, I apologize for being away for so long. It has been quite busy for me. But I hope that I will not be able to start regularly updating my blog again. For today’s post, I was hoping to talk about how long the United States and France have been friends. After all, France is my first home and the United States is my second.

The United States and France have been allies for almost 250 years! France helped the United States during the American Revolution and they have been allies ever since.

During World War 1, American soldiers came to France without much of their equipment. This was done so America could send more men on the ships. The soldiers used French weapons, airplanes, and tanks. Most of the combat troops were stationed in France.

Although France is across the Atlantic from the United States, the two countries work together to support French territories in the Pacific Ocean. French islands such as French Polynesia and New Caledonia are protected by the United States and French Navy.

France is also an ally when it comes to the United States in their War on Terror especially against Isis. French and American Troops are helping stop Isis terrorist groups in the Sahel, a region in Africa.

Franch is also in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Part of the agreement with NATO is that part of the countries gross domestic product goes towards defense. France has committed the 2% increase by 2025 and is on pace to meet all requirements of European security.

While tensions between President Trump and President Macron are quite high, to say the least, the history between these two countries runs deep. I hope that in the end, the two countries will continue to support each other. It might just take a new administration within the United States to see all that we have learned.