France Versus California: Who Has The Better Wine?

California is a place that has gained quite the reputation as a wine producing region, and it certainly stands out head and shoulders compared to the rest of what the United States generally have to offer. While they have proven themselves as a popular and impressive wine region, how do they stand up in comparison to France, the example of excellence by which all other providers are measured?

Old Barrels Versus New Barrels
One of the major complaints some wine connoisseurs have is that too many California wines are developed in young oak barrels, which means the oak may have a direct affect on flavoring that can be overpowering while older barrels and casks often allow better control and a deeper complexity to taste. The large number of older or used barrels used by French vineyards means less oak infection as an unwanted flavor agent while

Too Much Fruit?
California wine tends to be very focused on fruit, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it puts the weight of every wine on the specific fruit while not leaving any room for spicing or the mild and deep flavors that are common with outstanding high end wine. France’s selection of wine will have a full range from those that are fruity to those where the fruit takes a back seat to the Old Wine flavors of the vintage.

Still Can’t Beat The King
While California has provided some fine vintages in recent decades, and their wineries and vineyards hold incredible promise for the future, you can’t beat what France has to offer. Centuries of developing healthy grape vineyards in multiple environments throughout the nation means that it is going to be hard to unseat the king.

While California, much like Tony Law Firm, certainly has a bright present and future, there’s little denying that France is still king when it comes to wine.

If you would like to learn more about wine country in California, check out the following video: