COVID-19 In Los Angeles

These are trying times for me — I’ve been constantly wrestling with the idea of staying or going back home to France because I have elderly family who could use some help. But travel during a coronavirus pandemic is scary! And President Trump downplaying the virus has led to a lot of controversy over a subject that shouldn’t be all that controversial. To make matters worse, he failed to give us federal aid for the wildfire emergencies, suggesting it was all our fault.

It seems like I’ve suffered a devastating brain injury California from which there is no recovery. And things are only getting worse, it seems. Case counts are on the rise but officials are bent on loosening restrictions on businesses where people seem to get sick most often. I’m all for reopening Disney as soon as possible, but it should be done with everyone’s safety in mind. Not everyone agrees with me.

A big Disney fan, Dusty Sage, mentioned the restrictions to the local news: “I think it was the worst possible, sort of, outcome for disney. There were signs this was coming. Disney has been at odds with the state, but this is certainly terrible news for the entire economy of Anaheim and for Disney.”

Is one enormous company really so important that we need to put people’s lives at stake?

The issue appears that Anaheim’s economy is 50 percent whatever is generated by Disneyland. Officials in the surrounding areas are even worried that smaller parks will have to close down. Disney is rich enough to weather the storm. 

Los Angeles has allowed certain schools to reopen by waiver — and all of them are private schools. Public schools are mostly conducted over video chat and electronically.

It’s hard to blame those people who want to reopen the city. But we’ve made so much progress and we don’t want to reverse it! The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said there were only 13 deaths last weekend and only 358 new cases. That makes the total number of cases in LA County 288,451 as of last weekend, but that also represents nearly 1,000 hospitalizations — and also nearly a third of the total capacity for the ICU, which handles most coronavirus cases that get serious. If it gets overtaxed, then people suffering from other ailments mind find it difficult to find the help they need!

These numbers mean that the burden on our healthcare system is diminishing, but reducing restrictions could open the floodgates again. Cases are “surging” in France too, which makes me wonder what I should do. Traveling home means putting myself at risk on a stuffy airplane, and that would put anyone I meet at risk too. There is a new curfew in place because of the increase in cases. I’m worried that it will just keep getting worse and worse until the decision is taken out of my hands. What should I do?