The Best Way to Travel from California To France

Traveling to France from California can be the trip of the lifetime, or a nightmare that makes you sign off on international travel altogether. Those on a tight budget will want to do everything they can to plan for their voyage and seek all the budget-saving options in advance to make sure their trip is safe and memorable (in a good way).

France is also full of cultural wonders and attractions that won’t cost much, take the exquisite 3 Euro bottle of wine for example. Just be sure you are carrying a few extra coins in your pocket when you come to this great country to be sure you can experience the exquisite foods, wine and beauty that France has to offer.

Cheap flights to Paris — finding a cost-effective flight plan will not be as difficult as you think if you leave your schedule open and give yourself plenty of time to find a cheap flight. The rates will change depending on the day you wish to fly and time you wish to depart. After conducting a survey among people who have found cost effective flights to Paris from California, we have found that Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the most cost-effective days to book a flight.

France of a Budget — as you can imagine, eating out in the culinary capital of the world can be an expensive occasion. The good news is that a picnic won’t cost you much at all and you can feast on the finest bread, cheese, cold cuts and wine in the universe for a fairly decent price.

Shop at the markets — if you want a real taste of cultural France, skip the supermarkets and tourist traps and visit the local markets for a taste of the real France. Gather the best ingredients you can find and put together a meal for yourself.

Avoid the Bars — drinking out in France is another costly affair, but you can find a fine selection of the best wines for a small price and get your game on before going out for the night. This is a cost-effective solution to avoiding those high-priced drinks.