The Best French Pastries Everyone Needs to Try!

Whether you consider yourself a gourmand, a foodie or just someone who appreciates a good dessert, you should check out the delicious pastries that originated in France. Just as the art that hails from the nation is gorgeous, so their pastries are divine.

Did you know that the croissant came from France? The flaky layered pastries are delicious fresh out of the oven or served with a meal. Similarly, the Choux pastry is a simple dough used to create many other dishes. The household staples butter, flour and eggs are mixed with water to create these light fluffy pastries.

Eclairs are probably the most well known pastry made from this simple dough. Shaped into a log, the pastry is cut in half after baking. Then, a delicious filling and topping are added to create a mouth-watering delight that you are sure to love.

Macarons are sometimes confused with the English macaroon. However, there are significant differences between these desserts. The macaron consists of a flavorful filling between two cookies. Ground almonds lend a distinctive flavor to the cookies which practically melt in your mouth. The filling options include ganache, buttercream and jam.

If you want to create a flavorful French dessert in one dish, the tarte tropezienne is the way to go! Similar to a cake in texture, the cooked pastry has a creamy brioche filling. You can even tell your guests about the history of this recent dessert which was named by Brigitte Bardot!

Of course, the French have created multiple other pastries that are worth trying if you want to experience the full range of flavors and textures offered in their cuisine. Stimulate your taste for these delights by starting with a genuine eclair or a distinctively flavored macaron. You are sure to appreciate the art that went into creating these French pastries!