A Dream Cruise From Los Angeles!

I’ve loved cruising the open seas ever since I embarked on my very first ship almost ten years ago, and I’m still shocked how many people don’t realize how enjoyable they can be–or how cheap.

I’m even more surprised by the litany of excuses I often hear. Why wouldn’t you want to go on a cruise, I ask? Because I like to choose my own destinations. Because I like to see different places. Because it sounds expensive. Because I don’t like someone telling me when I have to be back from my daily excursions. Blah, blah, blah. The list goes on. None of these excuses make the least bit of sense!

There are any number of cruises and port cities from which you can plan your trip, and all of them offer unique itineraries. The options are nearly endless. You can absolutely choose your own destinations, you just can’t modify your choices once you’ve booked a cruise, because that cruise’s itinerary is set in stone. Then again, you can always switch out to a different ship with different destinations later.

I hate, hate, hate hearing about how people like to see different places. It’s a cruise. You are literally going to any number of different destinations. Not all of them are the Bahamas. You want to see Europe? Go on a Mediterranean cruise. You want to see Alaska? Go on an Alaskan cruise. You want to see Australia or New Zealand? Go do it! Cruises take you all over the place. They offer exciting excursion opportunities at each destination. You always have choices. You always see new things, many of which are once in a lifetime opportunities because you don’t have to do any excessive planning.

Expensive? Are you joking?! Staying at most two or three-star hotels in a major city for less than a week will cost way more than a seven day cruise! And that doesn’t take into consideration the fact that you’re getting free food! Sure, you have to pay for drinks. And sure, you have to be back on the ship at a set time each day. But that’s a small price to pay for such a great vacation opportunity.

The Port of Los Angeles is about to get a fully refurbished Royal Princess, which will be cruising to places like the West Coast, Alaska, Miami, and Mexico. I know I will definitely be one of the first back on that ship when it finally sails again in March.